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Rev DiCerto

Rev DiCerto is a writer, musician, and editor. He lives in Johnson City, New York.

Rev is the author of a number of novels in the fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, and steampunk genres. His fantasy and urban fantasy work often centers around Norse mythology. He has published numerous short stories in a variety of science fiction and fantasy anthologies. Currently he is working on a set of books set in a dystopian future of out-of-control climate change, told as spaghetti westerns (kind of). His first published novel is Fire Aloft, published with co-author Duncan Eagleson.

His favorite experience as a writer (aside from seeing Fire Aloft published) is having his short story “Animal Attraction” rejected by a horror publication. The rejection letter from the editor included the sentences “I absolutely loved this story” and “Unfortunately, it was just too disturbing for our publication.” “Animal Attraction” and its various sequels and spinoffs are tales of an unsavory Victorian-era scientist named Hobbes; look for a publication of the Hobbes stories in the coming months. Already, something to look forward to!

Rev’s short story Losing Amelia, which appeared in the Decopunk fiction anthology (see below), was a 2016 finalist for the Sidewise Award for Alternate History.

As a musician, Rev is a singer, lead guitarist, and songwriter. He wrote and recorded two CDs of original music with his former band, Sol Dog. His band Kindred Soul recently released an album, Taking Wing, which can be sampled here and bought just about anywhere you want.

By day Rev works as a medical editor. He has worked in the medical communications field for over a decade, and has recently begun taking on clients in the science fiction, fantasy, and steampunk genres as well. He enjoys a good workout, a good jam, a good book, and writing about himself in the third person–not necessarily in that order, though the third person thing definitely comes last.

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