Stories to make you think!

There’s a lot of variety here: Science fiction, steampunk, urban fantasy, high fantasy, weird western, even some alternate history. I don’t stick with any one genre, but I always hope to deliver plenty of action and leave you thinking. Enjoy!

Rev DiCerto is a writer and musician. He is the author of a number of novels in the fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, and steampunk genres. He has published numerous short stories in a variety of science fiction and fantasy anthologies. 

Rev's most recent novel is El Paladino, a science fiction weird western set in a future world of apocalyptic global warming and climate change. The main characters are a man who works as a Paladino, whose job is to kill anyone who tampers with the white Tarp that is being placed over all of North America in an attempt to reflect enough sunlight to mitigate the rising temperatures, and a mysterious pistolero who keeps his face hidden. This dubious figure attempts to draw the Paladino into the pursuit of a vicious outlaw and killer with big plans and a large and deadly gang of bandits. If you like a story with a diverse cast of characters, a lot of punch, tons of action, and you don't mind a lot of profanity, you're sure to enjoy this one. You can get El Paladino here.

Fire Aloft, written with coauthor Duncan Eagleson, was Rev's first published novel. It's a soaring steampunk adventure about Captain Gallagher, a free-spirited airship pirate who is being chased by a ruthless former air admiral, who just happens to be the man who killed Gallagher's brother.

Rev also recently published The Preternaturalist, a collection of steampunk short stories about the unsavory Doctor Daniel Hobbes, a Victorian scientist who finds himself confronting and investigating supernatural creatures and phenomena. Hobbes brings to his investigations an arrogance and hubris that is hard to stomach, and his involvement usually spells ruin for everyone involved. You can get a copy of The Preternaturalist here.

Coming soon will be another installment in the Age of Invention steampunk series featuring a young Captain Gallagher, an urban fantasy involving the Norse gods, and an epic fantasy about a Viking warrior with a vendetta. A sequel to El Paladino is also in the works currently.

As a musician Rev has written and recorded two CDs of original music for his former band, Sol Dog, and in December 2020 released a new CD, Taking Wing, with Kindred Soul, a band originally formed in Connecticut. In addition to songwriting, he is a lead singer and lead guitarist.